PC-V355 V355 PC-V
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120mm Front Fan

Front intake Fan mounted with Lian Li Patented anti-vibration screws, To release the fan by push the fan outwards, handy for service the fan.

Washable Air filter

There are air filter for the intake fan, and the filter can easy removed, and the air filter is washable.

Slide Out Motherboard Tray

Motherboard tray can be easy slide out of the chassis, user don’t need to work in a narrow space inside the case.

Simple Installation

There are a jointer for join the side panel to the chassis, for easy removment and attachment of the side panel.

3.5″ HDD Cage

The HDD cage, using thumb screws with rubber suspension, supports three 3.5″ HDDs .
Supports 2.5″ HDDs

USB 3.0 Multi-media I/O ports HD Audio


PSU length: 210mm
VGA Card length: 310mm
CPU cooler height: 100mm

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