V351B V351A
(End of Sale)


Standard PC components

Internal structures are in a unique modular design, with everything arranged and designed to comply with end-users needs making Lian Li products user friendly as well as beautiful.

TSlide Out Motherboard Tray

Motherboard tray can be easy slide out of the chassis, user don’t need to work in a narrow space inside the case.

12mm Front Intake Fan x2

Front intake Fan mounted with Lian Li Patented anti-vibration screws, To release the fan by push the fan outwards, handy for service the fan.

5.25-inch Optical Drive Cage

User can choose where their optical facing to, there are opening for 5.25″ and 3.5″ at the right and left hand side of the case.


PC-V351 equipped two 120mm intake fans, with low-RPM and high air flow, the fan is extremely silent and can bring a good volume of air from outside the case, keep the system cool.

High Quality Aluminum Case Stand


Maximum Video Card Size


Multimedia I/O Ports

USB3.0 x 2, IEEE1394 x 1, and HD Audio


5.25″ to 3.5″ converter kit

HDD Anti-Vibration Kit

Hair line brushed Aluminum in anodized finishing

Air inlet

80mm Fan @1200RPM

Vented PCI Bracket