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Fine Craft
Lian Li has been in IT business for more than two decades, continually developing new technology, and keeping up the high quality standard. Lian Li insist to manufacture his products in TAIWAN, using best material, skilled craftsman, latest facilities to offer the best product to his supporter.

Lian Li offers high quality aluminum PC & office products, with massive working hours to develop friendly hardware structure, and put a lot of attention to the detail. Lian Li has put in a lot of efforts to improve Lian Li’s quality, by using special hand craft technique to form the special shape chassis, and apply hair-line brush and anodized to the surface, with some diamond cut finishing to bring out the style. To offer the best product, which perfectly performed well inside and outside.

“Quality” always is the standard of Lian Li’s product, since 1998 Lian Li offer the first all aluminum chassis to the market. It is also carry the same quality standard, manufactured in Taiwan, distributed to worldwide market, and won so many awards, and has lot of Lian Li fans worldwide. Lian Li will continue develop new technology, create new features, and carry batter quality to all it’s products.

Unique Design
Lian Li have always put a lot of effort on it’s product with latest manufacture techniques. In some process, Lian Li still asserted in using hand craft to in certain steps in production. Because of some unique techniques can’t be replace by machines, and it is how much effort Lian Li has put into it’s product.

Lian Li’s designer has design the chassis from user’s point of view. It has to be easy to access, easy to operate, solid as rock, and look stylish! It has to be pass a lot of test before launch to the market, PC-V600 has aluminum alloy chassis, round edges with hair-line brush anodized finishing.

Unique Design
PC-V350 designed to fit into living room environment, and it has to not to look like a PC, Lian Li’s engineer fit a standard Micro ATX system into this tiny chassis, with a standard ATX P/S2 power supply, and to keep the look minimal, PC-V350′s access of 5.25″ open to the left or right side of the chassis, and there are two internal 3.5″ HDDs space. With the slide-out motherboard tray design, user can easy install the system in this tiny chassis. PC-V350 is compact, but it would be your powerful entertainment.

Silent Performance
PC-V350 equipped two 12cm intake fans, with low-RPM and high air flow, they can move alot of air into the chassis to keep the system cool.

With extra cooling fan behind the HDD cage to draw the hot air out of the chassis to keep the system and HDDs cool.

The front intake fans gain the cool air from the front bottom vent holes, and also by locate these vent holes at the bottom of the chassis, can stop noise pass through the chassis.

Friendly Design
Motherboard tray can be easy slide out of the chassis, user no need to work in a tiny space in the chassis.

Lian Li patented anti-vibration HDD cage, with anti-vibration kit and special HDD mounting rack. User can easily install the HDD into the cage. And the rubber rings on the HDD, absorb the vibration to stop the noise.

There are special opennings for cable to pass through different zones, and the openning has fitted with protection kit to protect user’s hand, and cables.

There is a 5.25″ to 3.5″ converter kit for user who want to use external 3.5″ device.

Multi-media I/O ports for easy access to different device, there are USB2.0 x 2, IEEE1394 x 1, HD+AC97 Audio jacks

Lian Li also look into the detail, where people won’t notice, PC-V350 equipped high quality aluminum case stand, with anti-vibration rubber pad. To stop noise from vibration, and protect floor surface.