PC-V1000 Plus II


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LIAN LI – Excellent Design

Lian Li have always put a lot of effort on it’s product with latest manufacture techniques. In some process, Lian Li still asserted in using hand craft to in certain steps in production. Because of some unique techniques can’t be replace by machines, and it is how much effort Lian Li has put into it’s product.

Lian Li put a lot of effect on the external finishing, all the external parts in hair-line brush anodized aluminum, and power button also touch up in stain-less steel finishing.

Lian Li’s designer has design the chassis from user’s point of view. It has to be easy to access, easy to operate, solid as rock, and look stylish! It has to be pass a lot of test before launch to the market.

Lian Li Fine Craft Products

Rounded edge, unlike other chassis, using 2mm to 1.2mm thick aluminum panel formed to this unique design with hair-line brushed anodized aluminum metallic finishing

PC-V1000 features hugn internal space, with 6 x 3.5″ HDD space, and there is a 12cm intake fan in the front, to keep the HDDs stay cold.

PC-V1000 PLUS II has new improvement on thermal solution, there is a PCI cooling fan for graphics card, to ensure the system run quiet and stable.

Silent Performance

PC-V1000 PLUS II design to meet the thermal requirement, and there will be require to move alot of air, to keep the noise level down.

PC-V1000 PLUS II design to meet the thermal requirement, and there will be require to move alot of air, to keep the noise level down, PC-V1200 PLUS II equipped 12cm large fans, with low RPM and low in noise level, and still can move alot of air valume.

Fan secure on the mouting kit with anti-vibration rubber ring on the fast easy fan bracket, and also include air – filter for stop dust to enter the chassis.

Thermal Solution

PC-V series features heat zone design, separate the system into two different zones, one is 5.25″ device rack and M/B section, another one is 3.5″ HDD and power supply unit section.

There is a 12cm intake fan in the fornt of the chassis to input cool air through the HDD racks to cool down the HDDs.

There is also a 12cm fan at the rear, user can choose to intake the cool air to feed the CPU cooler, or exhaust the hot air out of the system.

There are air filter for the intake fan, and the filter can easy removed, and the air filter is washable

Lian Li patented PCI cooler, to exhaust the hot air out of the system to keep the graphics card cool.

Friendly Design

Simple entry, simply just unscrew the lock, and pull the lock to release the side panel.

HDD installation can’t be even simple and effective. Simply secure four HDD screws to the HDD, and push into the HDD cage runner, and lock in position.

There are special opennings for cable to pass through different zones, and the openning has fitted with protection kit to protect user’s hand, and cables.

Lian Li has include one ODD bezel (C-01) to make the front of the chassis all in metallic finishing. User can purchase more from local stores.

Silde-in power supply design, with mounting panel, for easy service and upgrade. Cappable to fit redimdamt server power supply unit,

There are security lock to protect value hardware.

PC-V1200 feature wheels, for easy transportantion. the wheel can be lock in position.