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Nature Air Flow

The PC-Q27 has passive cooling design, due to less heat from the Mini-ITX system. There are vent at the bottom of the chassis, allow cool air coming in to cool the system down.

New side panel installation design

Just pushed up to release the side panel, and push down for closing.

HDD / SSD Space

The PC-Q27 hold up to three hard drives, a 3.5″ HDD and a 2.5″ SSD in the bottom and a 3.5″ or 2.5″ drive in the front.For even more storage capabilities,an addition 3.5″ HDD can be installed in 5.25″ drive bay.


VGA Card length: 195mm
PSU Space: 180mm
CPU Sooler height: 70mm

Dual LED Power Switch

(Blue LED for Power on / Purple LED for HDD reading)

Standard ATX PSU

USB 3.0 Prot x2