PC-Q08 Q08A Q08B
(End of Sale)


Standard PC components

Standard Mini-ITX motherboard, 5.25-inch optical drive, 3.5-inch / 2.5-inch hard drives, standard ATX PS/2 PSU. Easy to upgrade and service.


One 140mm LED fan (front) and one 120mm fan (top) keep hot air from damaging your hardware.

Six 3.5-inch and One 2.5-inch HDDs

The Mini-Q PC-Q08 supports six 3.5-inch and one 2.5-inch HDDs, held in place by thumb screws with rubber suspension.

Standard ATX PS/2 PSU

Supports a standard ATX PS/2 PSU with a 120mm cooling fan.

Maximum Video Card Size

300mm (when HDD cage is removed)


f-pic-06 Users can easily access the USB3.0 and HD Audio ports.

Case Stand

Four aluminum pegs to increase airflow beneath the case.

PCI Slots x2

Full Size PCI Slots.