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Two Compartment Design (Separates Components into Two Heat Zones)

The PC-D600 features a two compartment design. The left compartment holds the motherboard, graphics card and power supply, while the right compartment holds the optical drives and hard drives. With the heat generating components separated, a better overall thermal solution is created.

Integrated Water Cooler Support

The PC-D600 is designed to support the majority of commercially available integrated water coolers.

Hard Disk Drive Space

Each HDD rack can support three 3.5″ drives and two 2.5″ drives.

2.5″ Drive space on the bottom
Hot-Swap (Optional)

Maximum Capability

VGA Card length: 330mm
PSU length: 330mm
CPU cooler height: 180mm

Transparent Acrylic Side Panel
Support Liquid Cooling System
Cable Guard
USB3.0 X4 / HD Audio
Removable front panel