(End of Sale)


For today’s user who want to access more media files, and the success of PC-C31, Lian Li has upgraded the PC-C31 to PC-C32 . which still have the same quality, and silky look, with more internal space for power user!

Standard PC components

PC-C32 has equipped modularized device cages, and those cages can fit standard hardware component. Very simple to use and easy to get the hardware ready for this case.

Thermal Solution

Dual two big 120mm fans, moving alot of air to cool the system down, two fans can adjust the position to suit.

Anti-Vibration Springs

EMI springs,fitted around the edges of the chassis,absorb vibrations from the top cover and reduce noise.

Case Stand

Case stand, with anti-slip rubber-padding.

Aluminum Switch Buttons


Hair line brushed Aluminum in

anodized finishing


Vented PCI Bracket

Side-panel venting for additional airflow

Made with hairline-brushed aluminum with an anodized finish