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Multi-media I/O ports

Users can easily access USB 3.0 and HD Audio ports on the top panel.

Thermal Solution

One 140mm LED fan (front) and one 120mm fan (rear) keep hot air from damaging your hardware.

Rotatable HDD Cage

To provide flexibility in space management, the hard disk drive cage can be rotated by 90 degrees.
Installing hard disks is easy and tool-less. 2.5″ HDDs can also be installed.

Excellent scalability

To install hardware require no tools, all new tool-less design, user can easily and quickly upgrade the hardware. Especially in the advent of adding in new graphics cards, equipped with 8 PCI slots, can hold three or more graphics cards, supports CrossfireX™ and SLI™.

Tool-less Optical Drive Mounting

Supports stanrdard 5.25-inch optical Drive.

Rubber Padding for PSU

Supports standard ATX PS/2 power supply units.

Tool-less PSU holder

Insert the PSU into position, then close the aluminum PSU holder.


140mm Fan Hole

Vented PCI Bracket

Removable front panel

Cable management Kit

Opening For Cables

Water Cooling Holes

Air filter

M/B Thumb Screw